Young Adult Authors

Hafsah Faizal

Hafsah Faizal is an American Muslim and brand designer. She’s the founder of IceyDesigns, where she creates websites for authors and beauteous goodies for everyone else. When she’s not writing, she can be found dreaming up her next design, deciding between Assassin’s Creed and Skyrim, or traversing the world. Born in Florida and raised in California, she now resides in Texas with her family and a library of books waiting to be devoured. WE HUNT THE FLAME is her first novel.

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Tiana Smith

Tiana Smith is a copywriter turned novelist who grew up in the Wild West of Montana. When she isn’t writing, she’s chasing after her ninja boy, reading, or binging the Disney Channel. She’d love to be fluent in sign language, but for now she gets by with awkward hand gestures and even more awkward French. She has double degrees in Honors and English from Westminster College but wants to go back to school to be a lion tamer.

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Joan He

I started out in art – the pencil-sketching, oil-painting kind of art – only to quickly discover the art of the written word. So here I am now, love undivided. When I’m not trying to balance writing and senioring at the University of Pennsylvania (where I’m a Psychology Major), I over-indulge in my love for wombats, Mao Feng tea, and scary anime.

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Nina Moreno

Nina Moreno is a YA writer whose writing is somewhere between Southern fiction and a telenovela. She graduated from the University of Florida and now lives by a swamp where she enjoys playing video games, listening to carefully curated playlists, and drinking lots of Cuban coffee.

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Kara J. McDowell

Born in the mountains and raised in the desert, Kara J. McDowell spent her childhood swimming, boating, and making up stories in her head. As the middle of five children, she entertained her family on long road trips by reading short mystery stories out loud and forcing everyone to guess the conclusion. After graduating from Arizona State University with a BA in English Literature, Kara worked as a freelance writer. Now she writes young adult novels from her home in Arizona, where she lives with her husband and three young sons.
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Ryan La Sala

Ryan La Sala has always lived on the partition between the real and unreal. He writes about surreal things happening to real people, and his stories are almost always queer. His first book, REVERIE, focuses on the worlds we build within ourselves—our dreams and our delusions—and how they warp our reality.
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Deborah Maroulis

Deborah Maroulis is all about the words, words, words*, and she’s lucky enough to be surrounded by them all the time. By day, she’s a not-so-mild-mannered high school English teacher and junior college writing instructor. By night, she’s a world-creator, dream-giver and then dream-crusher for the characters in her stories. She lives in Northern California with her husband and two children, whose dreams are very much intact. *Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2

Jennifer Dugan

Jennifer Dugan is a YA and Comic author that strives to write the kind of stories she wishes she had growing up. She lives in upstate New York with her family and a murderous cat that she adores.
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RuthAnne Snow

RuthAnne Snow was born and raised in Kaysville, Utah. She was a sorority girl in college and social activities director in law school―which was a lot like being back in the sorority. She loves traveling, watching horror movies, and baking. She lives in Salt Lake City with her husband and dogs.
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Alex Villasante

Alex Villasante has always loved telling stories—though not always with words. She has a BFA in Painting and an MA in Combined Media (that’s art school speak for making work out of anything). Born in New Jersey to immigrant parents, Alex has the privilegio of dreaming in both English and Spanish. When she’s not writing, painting or chasing chickens around the yard, Alex plans conferences and fundraisers for non-profits.
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Nikki Barthelmess

Nikki Barthelmess is a journalist published everywhere from lifestyle blogs to survivalist magazines. She entered foster care in Nevada at twelve, and spent the next six years living in six different towns. During this time, Nikki found solace in books, her journal, and the teachers who encouraged her as a writer.
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Astrid Scholte

Raised on a diet of Spielberg, Lucas and Disney, Astrid knew she wanted to be surrounded by all things fantastical from a young age. She’s spent the last 10 years working in film, animation and television as both an artist and manager. Career highlights include working on James Cameron’s AVATAR, Steven Spielberg’s THE ADVENTURES OF TIN TIN and HAPPY FEET 2 by George Miller.
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Victoria Lee

Victoria Lee grew up in Durham, North Carolina, where she spent twelve ascetic years as a vegetarian before discovering spicy chicken wings are, in fact, a delicacy. She’s been a state finalist competitive pianist, a hitchhiker, a pizza connoisseur, an EMT, an expat in China and Sweden, and a science doctoral student. She’s also a bit of a snob about fancy whisky. Victoria writes early in the morning, then spends the rest of the day trying to impress her border collie puppy and make her experiments work.
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Swati Teerdhala

Swati Teerdhala is a storyteller at heart. After graduating from the University of Virginia with a B.S. in Finance and B.A. in History, she tumbled into the marketing side of the technology industry. She’s passionate about many things, including how to make a proper cup of tea, the right ratio of curd-to-crust in a lemon tart, and diverse representation in the stories we tell. She currently lives in New York City.

Laura Pohl

Laura Pohl is a YA writer and the author of THE LAST 8 (Sourcebooks, 2019). She likes writing messages in caps lock, quoting Hamilton and obsessing about Star Wars. When not taking pictures of her dog, she can be found curled up with a fantasy or science-fiction book. A Brazilian at heart and soul, she makes her home in São Paulo.

Danielle Stinson

Danielle Stinson grew up in a military family, which meant frequent moves across the US and abroad. She spent many summers in her room surrounded by unpacked boxes and stacks of library books. Danielle claims Boston as her hometown, though she currently lives with her husband and four young boys in Virginia, where she writes fiction for young adults.
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Natalie Williamson

Natalie Williamson is an HR person by day and a YA writer by night and nap time. She referenced Harry Potter in her first ever full time job interview, which tells you almost all the things you need to know about her. Other important things to know include: she loves her husband, daughter, dogs, and cat; she has a serious dessert problem; and she frequently Wikipedias movies and TV shows to find out if they have happy endings. SET IN STONE is her debut novel.
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Hanna Alkaf

Hanna Alkaf graduated with a degree in Journalism from Northwestern University and now spends most of her time making things up as she goes along, both as a writer of fiction and as a mom. THE WEIGHT OF OUR SKY is her first novel. She lives in Kuala Lumpur with her family.
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Gita Trelease

Born in Sweden to Indian and Swedish parents, Gita Trelease has lived in lots of places, including New York, Paris, and a tiny town in central Italy. She attended Yale College and New York University, where she earned a Ph.D. in British literature. Before becoming a novelist, she taught classes on writing and fairy tales—some of which have seeped into this story. Along with her husband and son, Gita divides her time between an old village in Massachusetts and the coast of Maine, where she’s still searching for a secret portal that will take her back to Versailles.
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Sara Faring

Born in Los Angeles, Sara Faring is a multi-lingual Argentine-American fascinated by literary puzzles. After working in investment banking at J.P. Morgan, she worked at Penguin Random House. She holds degrees from the University of Pennsylvania in International Studies and from the Wharton School in Business. She currently resides in New York City.
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Erin A. Craig

Erin A. Craig holds a B.F.A. in Theatre Design and Production from the University of Michigan. She loves telling stories. When she’s not stage managing tragic operas with hunchbacks, séances, or murderous clowns, she writes books that are just as spooky. An avid reader, basketball fan, and collector of typewriters, Erin makes her home in Memphis, TN with her husband and daughter.
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Olivia Hinebaugh

When Olivia Hinebaugh isn’t writing fiction, she can be found writing freelance, making art, discovering new songs on Spotify, texting her writing buddies, or folding laundry. She lives near Washington, D.C. with her spouse, three kids, a dog that looks like a coyote, and a one-eyed cat. The Birds, the Bees, and You and Me is her debut novel.
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James Brandon

James Brandon is an author, actor, producer, and LGBTQ2+ community activist. After touring the world to international acclaim in Terrence McNally’s gay Passion Play, CORPUS CHRISTI, he co-directed a documentary based on their journey and founded the I AM Love Campaign. THE CHOICE BETWEEN is his debut novel.
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Kelly Coon

As a child, Kelly gave Old Testament Bible stories modern settings and female leads, vexing her Sunday school teachers to no end. As a young adult, she wrote insipid poetry and short stories, but believed her college writing professor anyway when he said she’d be published one day. Today, she’s a certified high school English teacher, and an editor for Blue Ocean Brain. Originally from Michigan, Kelly now lives in Florida with her husband, her three sons, and a rescue pup who will steal your sandwich.
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Jennieke Cohen

Jennieke Cohen is the author of the YA historical novel DANGEROUS ALLIANCE, which will be releasing in Fall 2019 from HarperCollins/HarperTeen. She studied English history at Cambridge University and has a master’s degree in professional writing from the University of Southern California. Besides exploring little-known corners of history, Jennieke loves traveling to new locales, but she always returns home to Northern California where the summers are hot, the winters are mild, and life is casual.
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Karol Ruth Silverstein

Originally from Philadelphia, Karol Ruth Silverstein moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a screenwriter. Finding Hollywood a bit stifling, she delved into writing children’s books and was reminded of her undying love for all things kid-lit. She hasn’t looked back since (though she does still write the occasional screenplay because she can’t help herself).

Caitlin Lochner

Caitlin Lochner is a long-time nerd, traveler, and architecture enthusiast who worked as an assistant English teacher in Tokyo for three years before pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Central Florida. She can typically be found absorbed in books, games, or manga, or else obsessing over said books, games, and manga.
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Kip Wilson

Kip Wilson is the author of White Rose, a YA novel-in-verse about anti-Nazi political activist Sophie Scholl. Kip holds a Ph.D. in German Literature, is the poetry editor at YARN (Young Adult Review Network), and wrote her doctoral dissertation about the poet Rainer Maria Rilke. She’s lived in Germany, Austria, and Spain, and currently calls Boston home.
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Katy Loutzenhiser

Katy Loutzenhiser is the young adult author of IF YOU’RE OUT THERE (Balzer+Bray/HarperCollins 2019). Katy grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, attended Bowdoin College, and studied comedy at the iO and Second City theaters in Chicago. She now lives in Brooklyn with her husband.
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Samantha Hastings

Samantha Hastings graduated from Brigham Young University, the University of Reading (Berkshire, England), and the University of North Texas. She has worked as a tennis instructor, janitor, data entry clerk, basketball referee, adjunct college faculty, teen librarian, and now as an author. She met her husband in a turkey sandwich line. They live in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she spends most of her time reading, eating popcorn, and chasing her kids.

Kalyn Josephson

Kalyn Josephson is the author of THE STORM CROW, a YA Fantasy coming from SourcebooksFire. She currently works as a Technical Writer and lives in the Bay Area with four awesome friends (because it’s the Bay Area and she’d like to be able to retire one day) and two black cats (who are more like a tiny dragon and an even tinier owl).
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Addie Thorley

Addie Thorley spent her childhood playing soccer, riding horses, and scribbling stories. After graduating from the University of Utah with a degree in journalism, she decided “hard news” didn’t contain nearly enough magic and kissing, so she flung herself into the land of fiction and never looked back. She now lives in Princeton, New Jersey, with her husband, daughter, and wolf dog, and when she’s not writing she can be found gallivanting in the woods or galloping around the barn where she works as a horse trainer and exercise rider.
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Claire Eliza Bartlett

Claire Eliza Bartlett is a US citizen who grew up in Colorado. While her great love is writing, she studied history and archaeology and perfected the art of living abroad, spending time in Switzerland and Wales before settling in Denmark for good. When not at her computer telling mostly false stories, she works as a tour guide in Copenhagen, telling stories that are (mostly) true.

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Shannon Schuren

Shannon Schuren lives in Sheboygan Falls, WI with her husband and three children. She finds writing both emotionally rewarding and the best way to quiet the voices in her head.

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C.H. Armstrong

Writes issue-driven YA fiction

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Kimberly Gabriel

Kimberly Gabriel is an English teacher who writes every chance she gets and struggles with laundry avoidance issues. When she’s not teaching or writing, she’s enjoying life with her husband, her three beautiful children, and a seriously beautiful boxer in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

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Natasha Diaz

Natasha Diaz is a freelance writer and producer originally hailing from NYC and currently residing in Oakland, CA. As a screenwriter, Natasha has placed as a quarterfinalist in the Austin Film Festival and a finalist for both the NALIP Diverse Women in Media Fellowship and the Sundance Episodic Story Lab. Her personal essays have been published in The Establishment and The Huffington Post. Natasha’s first book, Color Me In, a young adult novel, will be published by Random House in 2019. Natasha is represented by 3 Arts Entertainment.

Charlotte Nicole Davis

Charlotte Nicole Davis is the author of THE GOOD LUCK GIRLS, a YA fantasy out in Fall 2019 with Tor Teen. A graduate of The New School’s Writing for Children MFA program, she now lives in Brooklyn with a cat with a crooked tail.

Jodie Lynn Zdrok

Jodie Lynn Zdrok holds two MAs in European History and an MBA. In addition to being an author, she’s a marketing professional, a freelancer, and an unapologetic Boston sports fan. She enjoys traveling, being a foodie, doing sprint triathlons, and enabling cats.
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Erin Stewart

Erin Stewart is the author of BEAUTY FOR ASHES, her debut novel. Erin is a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern and a BYU undergraduate who works as a freelance writer and editor, as well as a weekly columnist in Salt Lake City.

Erin lives in Utah with her husband and three children. She is represented by the amazing Brianne Johnson of Writer’s House.
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Erin Hahn

Erin Hahn writes YA swoons. She lives in Michigan with her outdoorsy husband and two super cool kids. During the day, she teaches little ones and at night she writes books of her heart.


Sarah J. Carlson

Sarah J. Carlson writes contemporary YA that delves into complex, real world problems. Professionally, she is a school psychologist who works primarily with a diverse, mostly low income population. Her professional focus is around supporting the success of children with behavioral and mental health needs and helping to promote resilience in children who have been exposed to trauma or toxic stress. Sarah lives outside Madison, Wisconsin with her husband, vivacious young daughter, and two energetic terriers.

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Alyssa Wees

In between training in ballet and watching lots of Disney movies, Alyssa grew up writing stories starring her Beanie Babies. Currently she works as an assistant librarian in youth services. She lives in the Chicagoland area with her husband and two cats. THE WAKING FOREST is her first novel.

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Mara Rutherford

Mara Rutherford began her writing career as a journalist but quickly discovered she far preferred fantasy to reality. Originally from California, Mara has since lived all over the world along with her Marine-turned-diplomat husband. A triplet born on Leap Day, Mara holds a Master’s degree in Cultural Studies from the University of London. When she’s not writing or chasing after her two sons, she can usually be found pushing the boundaries of her comfort zone, whether at a traditional Russian banya or an Incan archaeological site.

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Justin A. Reynolds

Justin A. Reynolds has been a pest control operator, night security guard, steel mill janitor, NASA intern, salesman of high-end faucet fixtures, and carpet-flooring installer. He was most recently a registered nurse, before trading his stethoscope for a pencil, but likes to think both instruments reveal the heart. He lives in northeast Ohio, home to snow, Lake Erie, and the Cavaliers.

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Margaret Owen

Margaret Owen decided she would be an author roughly twenty seconds after meeting one in the wild in fourth grade. The career plan took a few detours along the way, but she now spends her days wrestling disgruntled characters onto the page, and negotiating a long-term hostage situation with her two monstrous cats. (There is surprisingly little difference between the two.) In her free time, she enjoys exploring ill-advised travel destinations, and raising money for social justice nonprofits through her illustrations.

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Lillian Clark

Lillian Clark, a graduate of the University of Wyoming, grew up riding horses, climbing trees, hiking, and going on grand imaginary adventures in the small-town West. She’s worked as a lifeguard, a camp counselor, and a Zamboni driver, but found her eternal love working as a bookseller at an independent bookstore. She lives with her husband, son, and two giant dogs in the Teton Valley of Idaho.

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Sabina Khan

Sabina Khan is an educational consultant and a karaoke enthusiast. After living in Germany, Bangladesh, Macao, Illinois and Texas, she has finally settled down in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, with her husband and three daughters, one of whom is a fur baby.

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Joanna Hathaway

Joanna Hathaway was born in Montréal and is an avid storyteller who was inspired to write after reading her great-grandfather’s memoirs of the First World War. A lifelong history buff, she now has shelves filled with biographies and historical accounts, and perhaps one too many books about pilots. She can often be found reading, traveling, or riding horses. Dark of the West is her debut novel.

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Justin Olson

Justin Olson taught high school English and theater in Montana before moving to Los Angeles. He continues to write novels and is an independent film and TV producer. He has a masters degree from the University of Montana and one from UCLA. Earth to Charlie is his debut novel.

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Rebecca Kim Wells

Rebecca Kim Wells is the author of Shatter the Sky, forthcoming from Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers in Summer 2019. When not writing, reading, or talking about writing or reading, she sells books at a fiercely independent bookstore in Massachusetts. She can also be found drinking tea, singing along to musicals, or playing soccer (usually not all at once).

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Shannon Price

Shannon Price is a Filipina-American author living in the San Francisco Bay Area. After graduating magna cum laude from Santa Clara University, she interned and later worked as a publicist at Counterpoint Press in Berkeley, CA. THE RED BRIDGE WARS is her first novel.

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Jenna Guillaume

Jenna Guillaume is a journalist and YA author based in Sydney. She is currently editor-at-large for BuzzFeed Australia, where she writes about pop culture, identity, and Chris Hemsworth’s biceps. In her spare time, she watches too much Netflix and writes kissing books.

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Kat Cho

Kat Cho used to hide books under the bathroom sink and then sneak in there to read after bedtime. Her parents pretended not to know. This helped when she decided to write a dinosaur time-travel novel at the tender age of nine. Sadly, that book was not published. Kat’s YA contemporary fantasy debut, GUMIHO, comes out with Putnam Books for Young Readers/Penguin in 2019.


Kim Smejkal

Kim Smejkal writes dark fantasy for young adults and not-so-young adults, always with a touch of magic. Her debut novel, INK IN THE BLOOD, will release from HMH in 2019, with a sequel to come in 2020. When she’s not writing, she’s homeschooling her kids, tutoring other people’s kids, and voraciously hoarding any precious alone time. Though she grew up on the Canadian prairies, she now lives with her family on beautiful, muse-satiating Vancouver Island. She is represented by Daniel Lazar of Writers House.

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Nafiza Azad

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Bridget Tyler

I grew up in Berkeley, California. After working in the film and television industry for years, I decided to take a swing at telling my own stories and got very, very lucky. I started my career on Burn Notice and have written many pilots since. The first of my two book series for Harper Teen, The Pioneer, will be out March 2019. I currently live in Oregon with my husband and toddler.

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Maika Moulite

Maika Moulite is a marketer, skilled in social media strategy, Facebook advertising, Search Engine Optimization, and other technical terms. When she’s not using her digital prowess to help small nonprofits and major organizations tell their stories online, she’s writing stories of her own. She also blogs at Daily Ellement, a lifestyle website featuring diverse inspirational women and career tips. Maika has a bachelor’s in marketing from Florida State University and an MBA from the University of Miami. She’s the oldest of four girls and loves YA fantasy, strong female leads, and laughing.

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Laura Taylor Namey

I write young adult novels about quirky characters learning to navigate life and love. I can be found drooling over leather jackets, haunting my favorite coffee shops, and wishing I was in London or Paris. I’m a Cuban-American Californian and treasure my husband, two superstar children, and loyal dog.


Anna Bright

Anna Bright is an indie bookseller by day and an author by night who still gets in trouble for reading when she’s supposed to be doing other things. When not hiding out among books, she loves concerts, roller coasters, and adventures at home and abroad. Anna lives with her husband and cat in a charming cobblestoned neighborhood in Washington, DC.

Michelle Ruiz Keil

Michelle Ruiz Keil is a Latinx novelist and playwright with an eye for the enchanted and a way with animals. She teaches writing with a focus on fairytale, divination, and archetype and curates All Kinds of Fur: A Fairytale Reading Series and Salon in Portland, Oregon. She has been a fellow at the Squaw Valley Community of Writers and Lit Camp and her published short fiction can be found in Cosmonauts Avenue. All of Us with Wings is her first novel.

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Amanda Joy

Amanda Joy grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. She earned her MFA in creative writing with an emphasis in writing for children at The New School in New York. You can find her in Chicago, taking pictures of her ever-expanding library and touring the city’s best coffee shops. Her debut young adult fantasy novel, A River of Royal Blood, is coming from Putnam in 2019.

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Keena Roberts

A born adventurer, Keena is drawn to stories featuring strong female protagonists and survival in incredible worlds full of danger, animals, and natural beauty. Though her time in Botswana was sadly devoid of the dragons she loves to read about in fantasy novels, she faced her fair share of elephants, hippos, and lions, and is either a delight or a bore to visit the zoo with, depending on your tolerance for animal facts.

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Nicki Pau Preto

Nicki is a young adult fantasy author living just outside Toronto, Canada. After getting a degree in visual arts, a masters in art history, and a diploma in graphic design, Nicki discovered two things: She loved to escape the real world, and she wasn’t interested in a regular nine-to-five life. Luckily, her chosen career covers both.

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Rosaria Munda

Rosaria Munda is a young adult fantasy author with G. P. Putnam’s Sons. Her debut novel, the first in the Aurelian Cycle trilogy, is forthcoming the fall of 2019. A native of rural North Carolina, Rosaria studied political theory at Princeton and lives in Chicago with her husband and cat.


Laura Sibson

After a career in undergraduate counseling, Laura Sibson pursued an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts. When she’s not writing in a local coffee shop, you can find her running the neighborhood streets or hiking with her dog. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and their two sons. The Art of Breaking Things is her debut novel.

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Amalie Jahn

Amalie Jahn is a YA author, TED speaker, human rights advocate, and active promoter of kindness. When she’s not at the computer coaxing characters into submission, you can find her swimming laps, cycling, or running on the treadmill, probably training for her next triathlon. She hates pairing socks, loves avocados, and although she’s written about time travel, she’s very happy it does not yet exist.

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Ronni Davis

Ronni Davis lives in Chicago, where by day she copy edits everything from TV commercials to billboards, and by night she writes contemporary YA about brown girls falling in love. When she’s not writing, you can catch her playing the Sims, eating too much candy, or planning her next trip to Disney World.

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Savannah Brown

Savannah Brown grew up in a small town in Ohio and currently lives in London, England. At age 19 she self-published a collection of poetry called GRAFFITI, which was a finalist in the Goodreads Choice Awards 2016. When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found watching conspiracy theory documentaries, making faces at her cat, or worrying. THE TRUTH ABOUT KEEPING SECRETS is her first novel.

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